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You’ve just bought a new house. The bones of the house are great, but the previous owners’ taste was eclectic. The painting you can handle, but window treatments, not so much. You do have that old sewing machine, but the fabric is just too expensive to risk it. Then it is time to call some drapery and curtain installation services. Drapes and curtains immediately add a finished look to any room by lending a touch of elegance or a splash of color. But, as any drapery or curtain installation services professional will tell you, window treatments need to be regularly updated to maintain a fresh, current look in your home. They will suggest you use professional drapery, curtain installation services for the best effect.

It’s true, the aesthetic appeal of a room soars with the right curtains as a focal point, but do you need professional curtain installations services to put them? The answer is, “Yes.” You can’t be an expert everywhere and working with expert drapery installation services will ensure your home looks beautiful and well maintained.



People understand those terms as similar, but there are subtle differences between them that are used by curtain, drapery installation services. Curtains are panels of fabric that hang on either side of a window in pretty much any room of the house. Curtain installation services often pair them with blinds or shades because curtains are not lined and don’t block out all the light when closed as blinds and shades do. Drapes, on the other hand, are lined and are long enough to reach the floor. They usually have pleats at the top. Experienced drapery installation services will use these in bedrooms for optimal privacy and light control. For simplicity, this article will consider them the same, but when speaking to the curtain, drapery installation services, it is helpful to know the difference.



At a minimum, curtain, drapery installation services will install your window treatments. It means installing the brackets and curtain rods of your choice and ensuring the curtains are ideally placed and hang evenly. It seems simple but try to do it yourself and you will soon understand the value of professional curtain, drapery installation services. 


In addition to this basic service, drapery, curtain installation services often provide ancillary interior design services to help select the right look for your style and home. Whether it’s the latest trends of organic material like bamboo or choosing sleek lines to match the mood of your room, curtain installations services help you find the look you want. 


Sometimes, you can find off the shelf answers for your decorating projects and then contract with drapery installation services to put them in, but often, custom drapes are the best solution for making your home your own. It is where professional curtain installation services add the most value.


Many curtains, drapery installation services offer a showroom so that if you are not sure what fabrics or patterns to use in your curtains, you can find many of the most current options all in one place. Curtain, drapery installation services experts can advise you on the right fabric for your needs as well as provide guidance on color and pattern size. 


Often, curtain installation services have their workroom, specially kitted out to facilitate custom drapery construction. Large tables and specially designed sewing machines available only to professional curtain, drapery installation services help them give you a professional look instead of that DIY-but-proud-of-it feel that comes with making your own. 


The workroom services that come with curtain, drapery installation services are also useful if you want to customize your existing drapes. Maybe you want to shorten shears into café curtains or add valence to a current set of curtains. Installation companies with their own workroom can provide these services and then reinstall your window treatments after the alterations. That option will allow you to save money and benefit from an updated look by using your existing fabric and merely reworking it to get a more modern feel.  



Once you have your drapes completed, you want to use professional drapery installation services to make the most of your investment. Reputable curtain installation services will always be able to:


  • Take accurate measurements as specified by the designer or manufacturer
  • Order or make your chosen drapes
  • Provide skilled curtain installation services that can work comfortably with all types of brackets and mountings
  • Steam drapes once in place for a polished finish
  • Leave your home looking better than before. No professional drapery installation services company worth hiring will leave a mess when done.

Some drapery installation services work exclusively with interior designers to ensure the consistent installation of every project. Other curtain installation services offer independent expertise so that you can select the drapery installation services you want without having to use a specific interior design firm. 


Custom drapes require not only careful fabric selection but also precise measurements of your windows to ensure the finished product fits your windows that can guarantee professional drapery installation service. Once finished, the curtains must be hung with care so that they don’t sag or look lopsided. One can try to do this alone but calling expert drapery installation services is much more comfortable.


Regardless of how you work with them, there are several features of drapery installation services when taking measurements.  Specifically, curtain, drapery installation services should find the right length for the curtain rod and determine the exact placement of the brackets.

In addition to window treatments, some drapery installation services will also hang pictures in your home as well. 



If you work with an interior designer, ask them for recommendations for quality drapery installation services. If you are deciding on your own, then you will need to select a drapery installation services firm that can work within your budget and with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. There are several other criteria to look for when selecting a provider of curtain installation services. 


Though curtain installation services are not required to be licensed and insured, it is a good idea to ask for recommendations and check references from the previous curtain and drapery installations. The professional providing the actual drapery installation services in your home should be able to pass a thorough background check as well. 


The drapery installation service provider should also be able to provide a quote for their services before commencing the project.  If they cannot give an exact number, then the drapery installation services firm should promise that the services they provide will not go over a certain price. And, while it might seem superfluous to require it in writing, you will be glad you did if questions arise. Writing is indisputable, but verbal agreements are sometimes subject to misremembering or forgetting. 


The curtain installation services you choose should also be able to provide pictures or drawings of the windows, along with measurements and specifics on any anticipated problem areas given your chosen drapes and fittings.

The site will give you a good place to start your search for drapery installation services, but these results should better cross-check with recommendations from friends or professionals as to the best curtain installation services in the area.



A professional eye is always a benefit to any project, and drapery installation services are no exception. Someone who understands the art of curtain, drapery design, and installation is a coup for your home decorating project. When the time comes to install those eclectic drapes with an organic bamboo option, let the professionals do it and get it done right the first time.



Curtain & Drapery Repair

Home furnishings can be expensive. Once a home or office has been decorated in a specific style and manner, some time has passed, it can be complicated to find replacements if some of the furnishings are later damaged or dirtied. That is especially true of drapery and curtains, as what is available on the market regarding style and design changes all the time. Fortunately, for many types of damage or refurbishment, there are drapery repair services and curtain repair services that are experts in restoring window treatments to like-new condition.


First, it is good to know the difference between drapery and curtains. While many people use these terms somewhat interchangeably, that is not entirely accurate and may play a role in choosing the correct drapery repair services or curtain repair services company.

Drapes or drapery are defined as a typically thick fabric material, with a liner or backing. They are primarily used to block out light from windows, provide privacy, and insulate from heat and cold transfer through the windows. They often (though not always) hang from the tops of a window down to the floor and are adjustable with a variable open and close distance and different pull/twist mechanisms to control their positioning.


Curtains, on the other hand, are usually a lighter fabric, thin, often sheer or see-through, with no backing or liner. They’re not used to block out light or insulation and don’t offer much in the way of privacy. Typically, these are more decorative than functional home furnishings.


Naturally, since there is a lot of overlap between what these two distinct types of window treatments, many drapery repair services, and curtain repair services also use the terms interchangeably. They may also combine the names of their services, such that rather than drapery repair services or curtain repair services, they may call themselves drapery and curtain restoration services or window treatment repair services or something similar. Some also will deal with other types of window treatments, including vertical or horizontal (mini) blinds, shades, or shutters.



Typically, the services available from drapery repair services and curtain repair services, and how they might go about repairing or restoring a window treatment, vary significantly by geographic area, material type, expertise, style, experience, and so forth.  However, there are general strategies or categories of what drapery repair services and curtain repair services companies might offer to consumers, as highlighted below.



Both drapery repair services and curtain repair services typically offer cleaning and care of drapery and curtains related products.  While some companies may specialize in curtain and drapery cleaning only rather than curtain and drapery repair, cleaning is generally a critical step in any repair or refurbishment operation that a drapery repair services or curtain repair services company would undertake. That typically includes dry cleaning, steaming, and other industrial/chemical processes to bring the color, cleanliness, and appearance of the drapery or curtain treatment back to like-new condition.



One of the most common problems with drapes is that the mechanical elements often wear out and become damaged over time.  Drapery repair services typically field more of these types of calls than any other.  A lot of the internal mechanical aspects of drapes run-on strings and cords, that relay the motions from a control rod or pull cord to the drapes and their hanging rod – that is, correctly transfer the force of drawing on the control rod or cord to open or close the drapes.  Drapery repair services point out that all this mechanical movement (through a series of gears and other basic components within the drapes’ hardware) tends to result in the fraying of the strings or cords over time, which can lead to the drapes no longer working as they should. 


Therefore, drapery repair services can repair or replace the damaged mechanical components as part of their services and return drapery to functionality. Strict curtain repair services that don’t also work on drapes typically don’t have these capabilities, since curtains rarely have the same level of complex mechanical elements as drapes.



Another category of repairs that mostly applies to drapery rather than curtains is re-upholstering. Drapery repair services often recommend re-upholstering of drapes as part of any repair or refurbishment. Typically, this means the drapery repair services company will strip off the existing liner or backing of the drapes and install a new one. These liners are on the “window-facing” side of drapes, and therefore take the most abuse from sunlight, temperature changes, and other environmental factors. They often become discolored, brittle, or frayed over time. A fresh new liner from a drapery repair services company can bring drapes back to like-new condition.



Patching is another technique that can be used by both drapery repair services and curtain repair services. It is more typical with drapery, but some curtains (depending on material, design, size, and sewing/bunching patterns) can also be repaired in this way.  It involves strategic removal of damaged, discolored, burned, or otherwise compromised fabric, and replacement with a suitable substitute that looks similar or, ideally, the same. The replacement is sewn in or attached in such a way as to minimize any differences or “scars” from the sewing work when the drapes or curtains placed back on the window. 


Many drapery repair services and curtain repair services companies maintain stocks and warehouses of replacement materials for all the most common brands and styles of window treatments on the market and may be able to help consumers salvage even the most hopelessly damaged drapes or curtains.



One of the simplest and easiest repairs that can also provide consumers with a nice subtle change in design style is the replacement or modification of window treatment hardware. Drapery repair services and curtain repair services can offer an array of different equipment (mechanical and decorative) for drapes and curtains and are also experts at installing third-party purchased equipment (such as that available at typical home improvement stores). 


Drapery repair services and curtain repair services companies may need to replace or change hardware as part of a repair operation (such as when a mechanical or decorative element of drape or curtain hardware has become bent, broken, or otherwise damaged beyond repair). They cannot just change out a component of hardware in most cases, as various parts of the equipment are often no longer available.


Therefore, changing out all the hardware for a given window treatment is often the only way to repair a problem, and maintain a coherent and consistent style of design in a home or office. Drapery repair services and curtain repair services typically have a wide selection of options and will walk consumers through what is possible with hardware changes at the time of consultation before any work being done.



Finally, one of the essential tools that drapery repair services and curtain repair services have in their arsenal to repair or restore drapes and curtains is hemming and alterations. These classic sewing and tailoring techniques allow for the removal or hiding of damage, and adjustment to the bunching/pattern of drapes and curtains and how they sit or fall on a given window. For example, maybe there’s a large cut in the lower part of a drape or curtain. Sewing it closed would look awful, and it’s not of material or style that can be reasonably patched. Well, then drapery repair services and curtain repair services companies, through their consultation with a consumer, might advise hemming or alter the drape or curtain, making it shorter or a slightly different style, and in the process hiding or cutting out the damaged part. 


Hemming and alteration can also provide an updated design without changing the underlying curtain or drape. For example, floor-length drapes can be hemmed and altered to change the style into window-length drapes, just by removing some material, re-sewing the edges, and re-installing. Drapery repair services and curtain repair services companies typically have some different options available in this regard and review the choices with consumers during a consultation. 



In conclusion, it should be apparent that there are many options for repairing and restoring damaged drapery and curtains. The experts at drapery repair services and curtain repair services companies can walk consumers through what they think is the best approach, compare different options and costs, and provide insight into how consumers can update or change the look and style of their home window treatments. Drapery repair services and curtain repair services also often offer cleaning services as part of their abilities, which by themselves can bring old, damaged, dingy drapes and curtains back to almost like-new condition with ease.